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Gruyere, Switzerland

ARISE+ IPR supports ASEAN officials at Advanced InterGI training in Gruyere, Switzerland

The ARISE+ IPR team will support IP officials from Cambodia and Lao PDR to attend the Advanced InterGI training on “The collective management of quality for Geographical Indications”, taking place from 23-28 September 2019 in Gruyere, Switzerland. The training is jointly organized by CIRAD, the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development; and REDD, a training and consultancy organisation based in Switzerland that supports sustainable agriculture through engagement with food producers and consumers.

Designed for professional with prior experience in GI, the focus of the training will be ‘collective management of a GI or origin-based quality product’, where participants will understand the roles and functions of the collective organization for the management of GI, knows the steps needed to create such an organization, etc. The training will be reinforced with case studies on Gruyère cheese Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO).

Geographical indications are signs which identify a product as originating in a particular region or locality, where a given quality, reputation or other characteristic of the product is essentially attributable to its geographical origin. GIs are considered a useful tool for economic growth and sustainable development, particularly in rural areas. They help foster new markets by directing consumers to identify the distinct qualities of local products, ensuring certain quality standards are met by producers, and typically apply environmentally-sound practices.



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