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Georgian Ministry of Education approves pilot project on intellectual property

On 6th June, the Georgian Ministry of Education gave green light to carry out the activity “IP in Education”, intending to reach over 1000 students all across Georgia. This is the first important step towards the implementation of a pilot project which will integrate intellectual property into Georgian schools curricula.

In order to present the activity, a kick-off seminar open to selected schools will take place in September. Thereafter, specific training courses will target selected school teachers and Sakpatenti staff to provide them with appropriate learning methods to educate children to understand and recognise the importance of intellectual property.

IP in Education is financed by the EU-funded project EUGIPP (EU-Georgia Intellectual Property Project) to support Sakpatenti. The EUGIPP aims to provide adequate and effective protection and enforcement of IP rights in Georgia. The official start date of the project is 1 January 2020 and will run for three years.

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