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Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand

ARISE+ IPR hosts roundtable discussions for ASEAN judges and prosecutors

The ARISE+ IPR team organizes the roving national roundtable discussions for ASEAN judges and prosecutors in Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi and Bangkok on 17, 19 and 21 August 2020, respectively.

The one-day roundtable discussions cover the enforcement of IP rights in the judicial environment, IPR protection and enforcement in ASEAN Member States, IPR protection from Civil and Criminal Law Perspectives, as well as sharing of EU decisions on IPR cases, etc. Moderating the discussion are Enforcement Experts from the European Union. The events target ASEAN judges, prosecutors and enforcement officials; and with the contents focused on trademarks and online infringements.

The Activity aims to contribute to the capacity building of ASEAN judges and prosecutors to facilitate in the effective and expeditious disposition of cases. The activity also serves as a platform for sharing EU decisions and judicial practices which may be of interest to and being commonly encountered by the members of the judiciary and prosecutors in ASEAN Member States in dealing with IP cases.



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