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IP enforcement tools in the EU explained

IP Key SEA and ARISE+ IPR Project Leader Tiago Guerreiro outlined the key IP enforcement tools and databases currently in use in the EU during a Southeast Asia IPR SME Helpdesk webinar on enforcement held on 17 April. The webinar and presentation materials are available for download here.

The tools covered include the Enforcement Database (EDB), the Anti-Counterfeiting Intelligence Support Tool (ACIST) and the Anti-Counterfeiting Rapid Intelligence Support System (ACRIS). Through product information provided by rights holders, EDB assists police and customs officials to identify specific counterfeit products, making it easier for them to take enforcement action. ACIST collates data on seized items that are suspected of infringing IP, while ACRIS is an application for collecting testimonies from EU companies affected by IP infringements in countries outside the EU, as well as provide information on the respective follow-up of these cases by local authorities.

The regular Southeast Asia IPR SME Helpdesk webinars provide information to SMEs, IP practitioners and other stakeholders on a broad range of IP-related topics, including trade policy, IP protection practices and registration procedures.


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