CarIPI — Overall and Annual Work Plans

CarIPI focuses on four expected results.

  1. Increased awareness of the value and contribution of innovation and IPR to economic and social development, among policy makers, private sector and the general public.
  2. A network of strengthened and more efficient IP institutions, delivering timely, high quality and accessible IPR administration and enforcement services, benefiting MSMEs in particular.
  3. Enhanced legal and policy frameworks in the area of Trade Marks, Designs and GIs, facilitating the participation in global protection systems in compliance with EPA provisions, and boosting regional harmonisation.
  4. Improved capacity of the productive sector to create, protect, utilise, commercialise and enforce their IP rights, thus stimulating innovation and new business models.

To achieve these results, the overall work plan sets a multiannual framework, complemented by four annual work plans to be developed each year.
A balanced approach is envisaged in terms of geographical distribution of activities in the CARIFORUM countries, different IP rights, and types of activities that can include, inter alia, studies, policy recommendations, workshops, conferences, peer-to-peer exchanges, technical support for IT tools, and promotion.
The activities are identified each year through a consultation process with the CARIFORUM States and the CARIFORUM Directorate, as well as other key stakeholders in the region.

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WP1 - Raising awareness on the benefits of IPR


Project launch event and promotion of the importance of IPR










WP2 - Institutional strengthening and digitalisation


Specialized training on TMs for IPO staff [1] [2]











Specialised training on GIs for IPO staff











Registration Framework for Plant Variety Rights











Regional TM database pilot integrations - and IT tools workshop











Develop a common classification of goods and services database (TMClass)











Regional IP Portal - proposal and exit strategy











Creation of a regional GI database











IPR enforcement seminar for customs officials










WP3 - Regional harmonisation of law and practice


Review of draft IP legislation [1] [2]











Sub-PSC and Trade Mark Task Force meeting










WP4 - Generating value through IPR & business strategies


Support on IPR for business











Support to GI producers










16 Oct
Caribbean Region

Webinar: Boost your origin linked products

Nowadays, every country in the world claims that their agricultural or traditional products and foods belong to a cultural or gastronomic heritage, as a symbol of the history of a country or a community. Such ‘origin linked products’ have not only a social, but also an economic dimension.

14 Oct

Sub-PSC and Trade Mark Task Force meeting

On 14 October, the CARIFORUM Directorate along with Intellectual Property (IP) Offices of its Member States, the European Union, and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), will meet virtually to discuss present and future activities of CarIPI, a European Development Fund (EDF) i

22 - 23 Sep

Search and Classification Platforms Workshop

In the framework of Act.5 of its Annual Work Plan, CarIPI will host an online workshop on TMclass and TMview, aimed at Registrars or Heads of TM departments of the Cariforum IPOs, with the objective to recap the benefits, as well as strategic and practical implications of the use of these tools.

04 - 06 Aug

Support on IPR for business

Act. 12 is composed of different public awareness- and capacity building actions, intended to  stimulate the private sector (especially SMEs, micro-enterprises and indigenous communities), to create, protect and manage their own value chains, and use IPR as a competitive tool.

02 Jul

Interrelations between Trade Marks and GIs

The training aims at strengthening the technical capacities and skills of the CF IP Offices staff on TM and GI examination. The online training will particularly focus on the technical aspects regarding the relations between GIs and TMs (incl.

19 May

CARIFORUM IP offices - Webinar on trademark classification

On 19 May, the CarIPI project hosted a first large virtual meeting & training on trademarks classification delivered by a senior EUIPO legal expert, Mr Thom Clark, with the participation of representatives of almost all CARIFORUM countries, so as representatives from the CARIFORUM Directorate

04 Mar
Kingston, Jamaica

Workshop on the Hague System in Jamaica

CarIPI collaborated with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in conducting a sub-regional workshop on the Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs, in Kingston (Jamaica) on 4-5 March 2020.